ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2012

9 Journal Publishing Tag Set • 9.4 Elements

9.4.224 <textual-form> Textual Form

This element holds text (mixed content) in places where alternatives can be presented, providing a textual alternative. For example, inside the <alternatives> wrapper element, a <textual-form> can provide an alternative version of an equation, graphic, or table. This alternative textual version may be a direct textual representation of an object (such as a Unicode value for a special character or the full text of an equation in ASCII characters), or a simplified textual version of the object (for display by devices not able to cope with the object), or a text-dump of the contents of a binary object (for example, the full text-dump of the cells of a table to accompany a graphical version of the table).

Content model: