ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2015

10 Article Authoring Tag Set, version 1.1 • 10.5 Attributes

10.5.52 @initials Initials for Personal Names

Initial(s) for the surname or the given names of a person.

Initials are recorded for purposes of searching or ease of conversion to applications that require initials rather than full names.

This attribute is optional and need not be used by organizations that do not ordinarily record contributor’s initials. The intent is to provide a place to preserve the initials for publishers who do determine the person’s initials editorially and then record that in their data, so this intellectual effort will not be lost.

In elements <given-names> and <surname>, this attribute may be used if the element is used.
Value Meaning
Text, numbers, or special characters The initial letters of a person’s given names.