Please note: this standard has been withdrawn in favor of ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2015) JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite, version 1.1

ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2012

2 Scope

The Journal Article Tag Suite defines elements and attributes that describe metadata and full content of scholarly journal articles. The Suite is not designed to describe magazines, books, or other publishing formats. While some structures in these formats may be similar to structures in journal articles, other structures may be distinctly different and may not be handled by existing elements and attributes defined in the Tag Suite.

The Tag Suite is the complete set of elements and attributes described in the standard. Along with these descriptions, the standard includes three article models or Tag Sets:

The Tag Suite has been designed to be extensible. Any of the tag sets may be extended or restricted to meet the needs of a given project. Also, new tag sets can be built from the elements and attributes in the Tag Suite and should be considered conforming to the standard.

There are a number of items that have not been included in this standard:

  1. Schemas that represent the three Tag Sets — The schemas (available in DTD, W3C Schema, and RELAX NG syntax) are included in the non-normative supporting information and can be found on the JATS site at the National Library of Medicine (

  2. Detailed Usage Information — The NLM DTDs were supported by extensive usage information in the Tag Libraries. These Tag Libraries are still being produced to support the three NISO JATS tag sets. However, to simplify the updating process, these are included in the non-normative supporting information at the NLM JATS site:

  3. Tagging examples are included in the three Tag Libraries listed above.

  4. Details concerning MathML elements and OASIS XML Exchange table elements (based on the CALS table elements) are described in other standards. Specific instructions for using these elements should be gotten from the original standards referenced in Section 5, References. The default table model for the NISO JATS Tag Suite is based on, and designed to be converted easily to, the XHTML 1.1 table model. Details for the elements and attributes in the XHTML-inspired NISO JATS tables are provided in the individual Tag Set Tag Library documentation.

2.1 The Journal Archive and Interchange Tag Set

The Journal Archive and Interchange Tag Set provides a format in which publishers can deliver content to a wide range of archives, and into which archives can translate content from many publishers.

In addition to preserving the article metadata and content, this tag set enables preservation of observed content such as labels, numbers, symbols, and punctuation within bibliographic references.

2.2 The Journal Publishing Tag Set

The Journal Publishing Tag Set provides a more prescriptive format than the archiving format does. It is designed to provide a regularized data format that aids in web and print production. To achieve this goal, the Publishing Tag Set prescribes element sequences more often than the Archive and Interchange Tag Set, and does not offer as many options for tagging similar structures.

2.3 The Article Authoring Tag Set

The Article Authoring Tag Set provides a very prescriptive format in which content may be authored directly. Content control and element sequence is strictly enforced in the Authoring Tag Set. Generated content, such as list labels and symbols, are not allowed in this tag set.